Remedial Massage - "Knot" A Problem

Getting a good quality massage has been an age old tool for getting rid of those niggling sore spots, improving your performance and just generally feeling better and healthier. There are many obvious benefits that most people are aware of such as improving blood circulation, easing muscle tension and reducing stress and/or anxiety, but did you know there are a lot more positives to come from a remedial massage:

  • Pain Relief – A quality massage can stimulate the sensory receptors in our soft tissue which results in a release of hormones, called endorphins, responsible for elevating a person’s mood. It also stimulates a part of our nervous system that regulates stress and promotes relaxation to allow healing and pain reduction.

  • Skin Care – During a massage the blood flow to the skin is increased which leads to more nutrition to the cells and increased healing and regeneration. Generally, an increase in sweat occurs during a massage which allows waste products to be expelled from the skin. The elasticity of the skin can be improved with massage.

  • Digestive System – The bodies digestive processes are all enhanced with a massage. The nervous system becomes stimulated which activates digestion and also the physical process called “peristalsis” of the large intestine is improved allowing better movement of digested substances and gasses.

  • Prevent Sickness – The lymphatic system is network of vessels that allow for the drainage and disposal of bacteria/waste throughout our body. The massage provides another force that assists the drainage through the vessels and into the various nodes around the body that process and eliminate the waste resulting in less bacteria through the body.

Obviously it is pretty hard to find a negative relating to one of the most popular remedies going around. Next time you are feeling sore, tired, stress or generally not 100% maybe it is time to allow a health professional to get their elbows and thumbs stuck into those muscles.

Did you know that our physiotherapists offer remedial massage, which can be claimed back under private health insurance? Book online now, or give us a call on (08) 9448 2994 to book in for a massage today, and give your body a well deserved treat!

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