Cycle Instead...Maybe - 5 Struggles of Biking To Work (And Why It's Still Worth It)

In an effort to increase my cardio fitness while reducing my carbon footprint, I've been making more of an effort to cycle instead of drive whenever possible - mainly to and from work.

Doing so, I have learnt that before I ride anywhere each day, I'm pretty much guaranteed to have an internal argument with myself about whether I shouldn't just drive. 9 times out of 10 my willpower comes through, and I hop on my bike and get those peddles moving. The other 1 time....well I'm only human (and it's cold and dark, ok!)

Through my amateur biking, I have encountered a few key struggles that pop up almost every bike ride, and I have compiled them below so you can be prepared when you start riding too!

  1. You will curse your alarm when it goes off earlier than normal....but you will get to see the beautiful sunrises I can promise you that seeing a sunrise will counteract your alarm and put you in a great mood for the day, and you will realise just how quiet the world is at this time of the morning.

  1. You will struggle up hills that seemed almost flat in your car....but you will catch your breath when you go down hill straight after And then you will be thanking me, because all those hills work wonders for your legs!

  1. You will get lost trying to take a shortcut...but you will discover new places around you that you never new existed (Or you could just use google maps)

  1. You will arrive at your destination a sweaty mess....but you will have done your workout for the day.... Reminder to self: don't forget change of clothes, towel and deodorant. ​

  1. ....Until you realise that you have to bike back to get home again....and then you will have really worked out today! Then you have well and truly earnt chilling on the couch with Netflix all night.​

So swap your car for your bike today, not just to get to work but for quick trips to the shops or even to visit friends. Your body will thank you for moving more, the environment will thank you for polluting less, and your bank account will thank you when you don't need to fill up your car so often.

Are you a cyclist, or wanting to get into cycling without risking injury? Book in to see us today to chat about your technique or any injuries that may be holding you back. Book online now, or call us on (08) 9448 2994.

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