Do You Struggle In The Bedroom?

To get a full nights sleep that is…

What is a full nights sleep and does it really matter that much? and WHY is your physio asking you about it?

Sleep is an integral part of our health and wellbeing and definitely worth taking a look at. It is your bodies recovery time and repair time. It's when everything else switches off and full focus is placed on fixing those tissues and systems that the body may not have time to fix whilst you're rushing around during your day.

A full nights sleep is usually classified as 7-8 hours of sleep and the reason your physio may be asking you about it is linked to the above. That is, we know that less than 7 hours on a regular basis has been found to be associated with increased pain. It has also been shown to be associated with adverse health outcomes such as obesity, hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, stroke, depression, and increased risk of death. So if you’re struggling in the bedroom, don’t ignore the issue!

Hopefully now you can see why sleep is an important aspect for you and your health professional to consider, especially if you’ve been dealing with ongoing pain and injury.

Before you panic, we have some great tips to get you started on a better sleeping regime!

Some helpful tips to improve your sleep include:

  • Getting up at the same time every day

  • Sleeping when sleepy

  • Avoiding cigarettes, alcohol, sleeping pills and caffeine

  • Avoid watching TV, eating, reading, working on laptop or looking at your phone whilst in bed

  • Avoid having afternoon naps

  • Take a warm bath before bed

  • Having a balanced diet

Chat to your physio next time you’re in if this is an ongoing issue for you.

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