Why Men Should Swipe Right to Pilates

Make sure you scroll all the way to the end to see why you should swipe RIGHT on Pilates!

How many of you out there have ‘played’ or ‘participated’ in the App called Tinder - where you are able to browse a network of the gender that you are interested in or would like to meet? You have one decision to make based on the very limited and superficial profile and a few photos you see on the screen: which way do a I swipe? SWIPE LEFT to pass on what you see and move on to another profile, SWIPE RIGHT because you are ‘interested and keen to maybe find out more and see where it leads.’

Now, before you get excited, I’m not here to give you dating advice but rather there is a segue I am trying to make from Tinder to healthcare. Healthcare is an all encompassing title for the options available to fix, strengthen or maintain our physical, physiological and mental states. When someone becomes ill, injured or looking for improvements in some area of their lives they have a plethora of options available to go about achieving their goals. Do you try chiropractic, physiotherapy, acupuncture, gym, yoga, pilates, meditation, psychiatry, surgery, drugs..? Your “healthcare profile”, often in the form of a flyer or advertisement, provides a brief description and often some great looking photos to entice you. HOWEVER, most of these target certain demographics without even meaning to. For example, signing up to a gym has in the past presented information of all the weights machines and pictures of ripped guys in front of mirrors, so naturally this appeals to guys trying to increase size and strength. The problem is though, that in this example, gyms aren’t actually a male only zone anymore and are incredibly welcoming to the female gender.

I fear that Pilates has been branded in a similar way. Before I did some research and experienced Pilates myself, I had this idea that it was a predominately female demographic. I had created this Tinder profile for Pilates that had pregnant ladies performing really controlled and specific movements.

And so I have in the past, SWIPED LEFT on Pilates as an option.

Recently though, I have realised a new Tinder profile exists for Pilates that appeals to men. A new Tinder profile that shows how Pilates can be used by men to strengthen the core, lower and upper body in ways you aren’t able to do easily in the gym and a more robust, functional style that can give you a full body workout.

So your take home message: don’t judge a book by it’s cover, don’t pick your date by their profile picture and don’t swipe left until you know what there is to know about your potential match.

In regards to Pilates, coming from a reformed believer – take a punt and SWIPE RIGHT and be ‘interested and keen to maybe find out more and see where it leads.’

Here is the profile I would SWIPE RIGHT to:

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