Hot Drinks to Make You Healthy and Happy!

  1. Green Tea – The pin-up boy for the ‘tea world.’ There is no shortage of research and advertising out there for one of my favourite drinks. A perfect little gem to give you that afternoon kick just to get you through the 3pm barrier with its 20mg of caffeine, roughly 1/5 of the amount of a standard coffee. So instead of turning to your 4th coffee for the day, grab a ‘GT’ and not only get the arvo kick but do the rest of your body a favour because the health benefits are endless. Green Tea, with its many natural minerals and vitamins, is meant to have a positive effect on metabolism, heart health, blood vessel health and even help with bad breath or decay of the teeth.

  1. White Tea – And here you were thinking “well if Green Tea is soo good I don’t need to drink anything else…” Huh! White tea might actually top the charts for healthiest tea. Slightly less caffeine than a Green Tea, picked earlier in the harvesting process and not requiring as much processing means the antioxidants in this tea are greater in quantity! Smooth and similar tasting to its colour-contradicted friend. So guys, if your partner is happiest when healthy, do yourself a favour and introduce her to white tea because as we know the old adage goes “happy wife, happy life.”

  1. Chai Latte – A necessary evil for those days when you just want to treat yourself! Sweeter than my other drink assortment but definitely the most delicious. Just that hint of spice in amongst some hot, syrupy and sweet milk is enough to really make my day. Slightly lower caffeine to give you a pick me up. However, if you are wondering where the kicker is…the approximate 250 calories that come with this liquid gold may just be it. If you are feeling good about yourself and want a sweeter option then I highly recommend a Chai latte, however if you are on a health kick then this might be your kryptonite.

  1. Turmeric Milk aka “Golden Milk” – An interesting one. This has been used for thousands of years by many cultures for it’s anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. I’ve been using Turmeric for about 12 months now in cooking and general meals, trying to get the anti-inflammatory benefits without really knowing too much about it. Researchers believe that it can have an impact on reducing the rate of cancer, preventing Alzheimer’s disease and has strong anti-inflammatory effects. If it can do all of that then it makes sense to add it into a daily drink routine! Chuck a few teaspoons into a cup of warm milk, maybe add some cinnamon to taste and away you go for a healthy and warm drink.

  1. Coffee – Forget about dogs, I’m starting to think coffee is a man’s best friend! When I think of what a best friend’s qualities are I think good company, happiness and provide you with a pick up when you need it most. Now tell me your Long Mac’ Topped Up or Skinny Flat White doesn’t provide you with all of these things… I get great company out of my cup of coffee, no one ever sees you as lonely if you have a cup in your hand. I don’t think I have ever drunk coffee and felt sad simultaneously and what do we turn to when we are at a low point in the day, feeling tired, or stressed? A delicious coffee!

What's your favourite drink?!


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