Surfers - 4 Core & Balance Exercises You Need To Start Doing NOW!

Ever feel like you're super fit then jump in the water and try to paddle 200m and find you're out of breath? Or feel like you have abs of steel, yet when you're out in the surf it just doesn't quite carry over? Functional training (i.e training your body in ways that will carry over into the sport you play) is SUPER important. For water-sport addicts and in terms of balance and core strength, perhaps you need to look at taking your training to a new, more water-sport specific level.


If you haven't already played on one of these toys, I urge you to do so. Not only are they fun to play on, but progress is visible and the carry-over to your board sport is highly noticeable!

Here are a few basic exercises you can throw into your routine to make it more specific to surfing!

  1. Squats - Great for core strength, leg strength and balance

  1. Short Lunge - Great for leg strength

  1. Push Ups - great for core strength, shoulder strength and stability work which carries over beautifully when you pop up. As you progress you can turn this from a basic push up to a full pop up where you pop up and land on the board in your squat position.

  1. Woodchoppers - fantastic for core, balance, and arm strength

Do you want to give the Indo Board a try? Book online to see us today and we'll show you how it's done!

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