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Being injured is generally a very frustrating process. Luckily these days we have various methods that can be used to diagnose, treat and reduce the impact of injuries on our day to day lives. However, some of these injuries require immobilisation of the joint or limb that is affected by the injury and this can place serious limitations on what we can and cannot do causing unbelievable frustration that not only affects us physically but even more psychologically.

Currently I am injured, I have some damage in and around my foot which has subsequently meant that I have to immobilise my foot and ankle to allow proper healing to take place.

Enter the Moon-Boot!

So far I have had to wear this supportive walking aid which is strapped on with Velcro, offloads the foot and limits the ankle range of motion. After 8 weeks in the boot and another 4-5 weeks to come it has become more connected to me than my own shadow. As a hyperactive individual I can’t sit still and wait around until the boot comes off to get fit and strong again and enjoy certain activities.

So here are a few techniques, cheats and advice for anyone wearing a moon-boot or lower limb restrictive aid:

  1. Get down the beach!

Ok, so this might seem ridiculous, sand going in every corner of the boot and in the Velcro but ‘when there is a will, there is a way.’ Grab a strong garbage bag with no holes in it and place your leg inside. Grab some duct tape and liberally apply so that the garbage bag is watertight around your leg. Then you can enjoy that sun, sand and water with no worries.

  1. Seated and/or Kneeling Boxing

​ Boxing is a great exercise in general and can be really rewarding for your upper limb strength and cardiorespiratory systems. However traditional boxing requires two functional legs and a lot of footwork. Time to get creative! Try seated boxing, you can do the same punches and combinations etc. without the load on your legs. Try kneeling boxing, lay down a towel or wrap your knees with a towel (like I have here!) so you can box stationary or even try shuffling around and get some movement.

  1. Stationary Bike Riding I love to ride my bike, and when you can get that movement it feels good. Unfortunately, when you are in a moon-boot it is a bit risky to be out riding a moving bike. So let’s get stationary and that way there is a very low risk of falling onto that foot so you are able to take off the boot and put on a shoe. As long as you remain seated for the entire time and weight is through your heels than this exercise is harmless and really good for maintaining leg strength and cardiorespiratory fitness. Throw on some music or a podcast and you have yourself a quality, productive exercise option regardless of the moon-boot.

  2. Learn to handstand!

​ What better way to offload your feet and legs than by spending more time on your hands? Handstands have become an increasingly popular shoulder strengthening and mobilising exercise. Not only are they great for your upper body strength and mobility, they are fun! You can begin learning in a pool or at the beach, progressing to against a wall and eventually free of any support. Make sure that you have someone with you during your practise just in case you lose your balance.

I am sure there are plenty more options out there but in the last 8 weeks of my moon-boot relationship, these are some of the styles of exercise that I have tried and enjoyed.


Get creative and enjoy working on some of the areas of deficiency elsewhere in your body.

Are you in a moon boot, or have another injury, but want to stay fit? Book online to see us today, and we'll help you keep your fitness while fixing your injury!

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