What is Pilates?

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A lot of people have heard about pilates. It’s what all the celebrities seem to be doing to achieve their red-carpet ready bodies, it's what elite athletes are doing to rehab any injuries and for overall fitness, it may now be offered at your gym, and you can start doing it at home today!

Pilates was created by Joseph Pilates in the early twentieth century as a system of exercises to strengthen both the body and the mind, as he believed that physical and mental health were interrelated. It emphasizes correct alignment, breathing, developing a strong core, and improving balance and coordination.

Today we are talking about Mat pilates - the pilates that you can do anytime, anywhere, with either your bodyweight or a few small pieces of equipment.

At it's core (pun intended!), pilates is centred on engaging your abdominal muscles (abs, core), to maintain correct alignment and posture. How does this help? When you have correct posture, and your muscles are working as they should, you decrease your risk of pain and injury, and your body moves at its optimal range.

Mat pilates is centred around doing exercises on a pilates, or yoga, mat and is the more common form that you will see in gyms and group classes. It is a great option, as it's available to everyone and teaches you the concepts of pilates while needing minimal equipment. These classes will see you on the mat, doing mainly body weight movements, and occasionally incorporating small equipment like a Pilates ring, ball or resistance band.

Pilates is an excellent workout to strengthen, lengthen, stretch and tone your muscles, to build strength in the tiny muscles we may not know about, as well as the larger muscles we tend to work in the gym.

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