Flow - Dynamic Stretching

Following on from my previous post about the importance of keeping your body moving with Yoga, you may have come across the term "Flow" in your yoga practice. As you get better and better with your yoga poses, you can aim to make the movements more fluid instead of stopping and starting between every pose. This is what "Flow" refers to - the constant, seamless transition from one pose into another. This links very nicely into the benefits of dynamic stretching over static stretching.

Don't get me wrong, holding poses and stretches can be very beneficial, but gently moving your body through a stretch sequence allows your body to "actively" stretch which results in a stronger, longer lasting lengthening of the muscles you are working. You are also conditioning your body to work as they are stretched, which if you think about it, is what our bodies are made to do. Our hamstrings get stretched as we stride out when we run, our shoulder muscles stretch out as our arm reaches to punch a boxing bag, our glut muscles are on stretch as we power through our turns on the wave. Our muscles are constantly being stretched as they are being worked. So it is only fitting that we bring back that functionality in our maintenance. Stretch as we strengthen. Move as we lengthen.

Aim to make all your stretches dynamic down the track, holding for shorter periods and moving smoothly between poses. I can guarantee you'll notice the difference when you're out there playing.

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