Shoulder Strength: Next Level

Looking for some new, functional movements to get those shoulders of yours STRONG so that they can handle whatever you throw at them? Nail those handle passes, make paddling a breeze, and get your shoulders looking chiseled (whilst being functionally strong) by trying these bodyweight moves!

1) Rock Press

Stand with your feet nice and wide in an A frame position, drop forward so your hands are in front of you on the floor in a wide triangle position. Pulse down so your head moves closer to the floor and come up gently onto your toes, then push back up again.

2) Handstand Prep

Similar to rock press, kneel on a box or low bench, and this time, keep your elbows tucked in and bent in close to your sides rather than out wide (think triceps!). Lower your head to the floor and control it back up. Make this harder by bringing your hands in closer to the box or by kneeling on something higher (eventually work up to a hand stand push up!)

3) Headstand

Time to practice your headstands. Lock your hands behind your head and place your elbows on the ground. Rock up so your toes are just on the ground then slowly aim to float one foot up then the other. Work on holding this pose and pushing through the shoulders to stabilise. Do this with a wall behind you if it makes you feel safer.

4) Handstand

With a wall behind you, practice handstanding and supporting yourself with feet resting against the wall. As you get stronger, hold your feet away from the wall and then eventually, aim to handstand without any wall behind you. Tips for getting the knack of handstanding:

  • Think of pressing your hands into the floor and pushing up through your shoulders.

  • Don't kick your legs up, aim to gently float them up

  • Gently draw in your tummy and focus your gaze between your hands

* KNOW YOUR LIMITS. These are fantastic exercises but take time and patience to master. Work into whatever position/degree you feel comfortable with and only progress when you feel ready. Work on these daily and you'll soon start to notice the difference when in the water !

Book in to see one of our physiotherapists today to get a tailored program just for you to get your shoulders strong and take your practice to that next level. Book online now, or call us on (08) 9448 2994!

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