DOCTOR or PHYSIO - Who Should You Go To First?

I get a looooot of clients walking through my door 2-3 weeks after an acute injury has happened and when asked why they didn't come in sooner, it's often because they had no idea that physio could be helpful in the initial phases of an injury. I understand why - historically, when you hurt yourself your instinct was to run to your GP for help.

The truth of the matter is, physiotherapists are trained specifically to deal with injuries from the second they happen all the way through to the point where you are back to superman abilities.

Another truth, is that the sooner you come in for treatment, the faster your recovery! We CAN fix problems 2 weeks down the track, but I can promise you that it will take longer than if you had come in straight away. We can also provide you with tricks to alleviate symptoms whilst allowing the healing process to do it's work.

Sprained your ankle? Hurt your shoulder? Headache that won't go away? Car accident and suffering from some neck pain? Sore wrists?? Something swollen?! Something numb/tingly?!


We deal with a lot more than just back pain and it's easy to forget that. The majority of the time, when it comes to the musculoskeletal side of your body, your GP will take one look at you, give you some medication to help and tell you to see your physio.

Physio's are trained to look for red flags (things such as broken bones, tumours, infection, etc). If we suspect any of the above we will send you to your GP or for a scan straight away (Yes! Physios can write referrals for MRIs and x-rays too!).

Very often, particularly if it has occured following some sort of trauma, it is straight forward and easy to fix. The longer you leave it, the more likely you are to have compensatory injuries added to the list. For example, if you sprained your ankle, 2 weeks later you'll be dealing with a sore ankle plus a sore knee on the other leg from walking awkwardly.

So next time you think about calling your GP when you hurt yourself, stop and think about whether they will be able to help you or if they will just send you straight to the physio. If you are unsure, call us! Ask to talk to a physio or admin over the phone, explain what's happened and often that's enough for them to say "yes, I can help" or "No - i think you need to see your GP."

Hope that helps speed up the healing process in the future cool cats!

If you have a pain, injury or simply a question - give us a call on (08) 9448 2994, or book an appointment online here!

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