Foam Rolling: Why You Should Start NOW!

Foam rolling is in no way a new trend, however it is becoming more and more popular within the fitness community and we have to say – we are loving it!

The foam roller is a great tool to use to reduce muscle tension or tightness, and is a great at home alternative to massage. You have total control over the pressure that is applied and can vary the intensity of the stretches by altering the amount of movement through the joints as you role. For example, if rolling out the calf you can start with a basic roll up and down the calf and then progress it by applying pressure on one spot and then pointing and flexing your ankle to localise the release.

Not only does foam rolling help release the muscles, but also the surrounding fascia, which is responsible for holding the muscles in place and very commonly gets overlooked when trying to release tight body parts! Rolling increases blood flow to the area too which helps muscles recover faster.

So not only is it incredibly beneficial, flexible with it's uses and an easy form of self-maintenance, it will get chins wagging at your local workout area as you discuss your latest and greatest form of "self-torture". In a good way. For a good cause. Jump on that bandwagon!

Check out some of our favourite foam rolling exercises below.

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