Glute Strength: To Improve Performance

It is the little things that are all so important when trying to gain the edge over the competition. That extra inch of distance on the kick, that extra second in the run or the extra power off the diving board in the swim, and the list goes on…

Performance is about having the most efficient body with the most efficient technique. For example, when running, to maximise the efficiency of a running technique it is essential to have substantial hip extension so that you can drive through each stride. The same applies for swimming, you need to be able to extend the leg back and forward independently of the body to get the most propulsion from your kick. Surfers, wake boarders and kite surfers are all similar in the way your lower limb finds itself in low and awkward positions after having completed that awesome carve or landing that 360-degree wake jump, and which group of muscles is imperative to maintaining control and stability so you come unstuck? You guessed it – the glutes!

Here is one of my favourite supersets of exercises to target glute strength and lower limb stability!

1. Single Leg Box/Chair Squats

3-5 sets, 8 repetitions each side.

  • Be sure to not allow your knee to buckle inward as you squat down, also making sure that the knee does not translate in front of the toes.

  • Lean forward and stick your bottom back as if you are sitting down.

*If this is easy - try placing an unsteady surface underneath the feet to simulate a surfboard or wake board or simply just to challenge yourself.

2. Single Leg Box Hops

3-5 Sets, 5 repetitions each side.

This is a great plyometric exercise for this superset and when done correctly will make your glutes burn!

  • Make sure you remain on one leg throughout the 5 repetitions

  • Before jumping onto/off the box regain your stability without putting the opposite leg down.

  • Slightly bend the knees and lean forward with a straight back throughout the exercise.

3. Alternating Lunge Jumps

3-5 sets, 8 repetitions each side.

  • Ensure your trunk is upright and back straight

  • Gain stability with each repetition prior to the next repetition

  • Keeping the knees behind the toes at all times on the front leg

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