Get Fit Without Knowing It: Incidental Exercise

We’re in the age of instant gratification. You want a pizza? Call and have one delivered to your door. You want to watch the latest release movie? Jump online and watch it without having to leave the house. You heard a song you liked on the radio? Shazam it and find out who it is, straight away.

Now, wouldn’t it be great if these kind of instant results came with health and fitness! Unfortunately, there isn’t a magic pill or workout that will have you with a six-pack in the time it takes to read this article, and you will have to work for it if you want the healthy, fit body of your dreams.

However, you can help yourself along!

Sure, you will have to spend time exercising and eating healthy if you want to lose a few kg’s or tone up, but if you add in some of the following incidental exercise, you’ll be at your goal faster than you thought.

What is incidental exercise? It’s exercise, without purposely doing exercise! It’s things like:

  • Parking your car at the opposite end of the car park to the shop you’re going to and thus walking further

  • Taking the stairs instead of taking the elevator

  • Biking to work, or to the train station, instead of driving

  • Weeding the garden

  • Mowing the lawn

  • Having a smaller water bottle at work so you have to get up to fill it more often

All of these, and more, will get your metabolism revved up just a bit more than it normally would, so you’re effectively burning more calories.

It may sound silly, but doing even slightly more exercise in your day will only benefit you in the long run!

How do you incorporate exercise into your life?

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