Workout Wednesday: Summer Abs Workout!

This week we challenge you to this Summer Abs Workout!

You'll be getting your mid-section firing with this short, yet effective, workout. Combining specific ab exercises with heart-raising cardio, you'll be revving your metabolism to help lose fat while sculpting those ab muslces.

3- 5 rounds of the following 4 exercises:

  1. 20 x Bicycle Crunches (each side)

  2. 15 x Burpees

  3. 20 x Russian Twists - weighted or unweighted (each side)

  4. 1 minute plank hold (keep your belly tucked in, make sure your back isn't arching!)

And repeat 3-5 times, with a short 30 second rest between rounds!

Tag us in your workouts with the #sweatwithstoke to show us how you're working out today!

Book online now to get your sweat on and your body in tip-top condition with one of our physiotherapists today!

Check out the video below for demo's of the exercises:

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