Snack Attack - 5 Quick, Healthy Snacks for Work | Infographic

It's an age old tale - you're on a healthy eating streak, or just trying to eat a bit healthier and avoid the excess sugar, and then bam! you walk into work to a morning tea table covered in muffins, cake, cheese and more. So tempting, and so easy to go all out and devour as much as you can.

But wait. Put down the cookie. Actually, before you even think about picking up the cookie, pick up one of your pre-packed snacks from the list below that are conveniently in your handbag/desk draw/pocket.

Having your own snacks with you will help you to avoid the temptation at the 3pm lull to dig into sugary foods. By snacking every few hours on the right foods, you will ensure you stay full between meals and energised to work.

Make sure to pre-pack these snacks, so that you don't eat a heap and end up having a meal instead ;)

Here are some of our favourite snacks!

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