Burn Baby, Burn - Beach Workout

Oh HAYYYYYYY spring!

No more excuses - the sun is out, it's warming up and summer is right around the corner. It's time to dust off the cobwebs and get that sexy body of yours moving. Here are some basic workout ideas to get you outside and get ripped at the same time:

  1. Beach Sprints - Get your toes in the sand and those buns burning. Make it even harder by using a surf life saving start - lie on your tummy facing the opposite way to which you intend on running. When you're ready, jump up, turn around and sprint as fast as you can to a set point. Repeat this at least 10 times or until you just can't do it anymore.

  2. Bench Jumps - Find a sturdy bench or low wall and jump up onto it. Repeat at least 10 times until you start to get jelly legs.

  3. Push-ups - Find a wall or bench and either do push ups with your hands on the wall, or to make it a bit more challenging, put your feet on the wall and your hands on the floor for some decline push ups.

  4. Sand & Surf Sprints - Start at the top of the beach (near the sand dunes) - sprint down to the water, run in a few metres then turn around, run out and back up the beach again. Repeat 5 times. This is a killer.

  5. Pull-ups - Go on, you know you've always secretly wanted to be like those cool californian kids who workout in the playgrounds right next to the beach. Find a playground or workout area with a pull-up bar. Aim for max amount of pull-ups (narrow and wide grip). Once you've reached failure, do negative pull-ups - i.e jump up and hold your chin above the bar as long as you can, slowly lower yourself down (in slow motion). You'll be nailing the pull-up comps in no time.

  6. Skipping - Did you know that there's a boxer who skips for 45mins straight? Now, after hearing that, surely a mere 5 minutes can't be that bad. Keep a skipping rope in your car and alternate skipping with pull ups/push ups/ sit ups etc to keep the heart rate up. Rig= ripped.

There are plenty more activites you can do outside, have fun, get a group of friends together and get outside. Happy Spring!

Want us to take you through a beach workout? Our clinic is only a street back from North Beach, so we can show you what to do!

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