Are You Ready For Kiting Season?

Spring is here, which means that summer and the beautiful sea breeze that kicks in at 3pm every afternoon is nearly here too. Cue achy, injured bodies from over-excitement at being back in the water! Now, as much as I love helping all of you injured over-enthusiasts perhaps we can limit the aches and pains by preventing injury in the first place.

Here are some basic tips to get you ready for getting back on the water (start now - so by the time the wind is consistently blowing you'll be ready):

1) Get Moving

I know it's been winter and it's been cold and there are a lot of you who haven't been braving the refreshing outdoors of late, but now is the time to slowly get back into it. Go for a walk, a run, a swim and try build up to doing something every day. It doesn't have to be big, but your body needs to start being a bit more active before going from 0 to overdrive.

2) Strength Training

Woo up there, you don't need to race out to join a gym, but if you start doing some general strength based work now, your muscles/joints will be ready to handle the load of kiting every afternoon over summer. Basic areas to work on are:

  • Shoulders: push ups, moving planks, rotator cuff strengthening

  • Legs: squats, jumping and rotating squats, single leg balance, skipping, step ups

  • Core: forward and side planks, toe taps, crunches

See below for a few exercises!

3) Mobility

Start doing some basic stretches such as hamstring stretches, shoulder stretches and hip opening stretches. This will help make sure you are strengthening the correct muscles rather than just over-tightening everything.

Those few basics will help slowly prepare your body for the load that is to come this summer. If you'd like more specific strengthening exercises, have a browse through our previous blogs or shoot us a line and we can help you with some specific programs.

Here's to an injury free summer! Look out spring. YEWWWW

Book in for a Kiting Assessment with Cara-Lee today - she is our resident kitesurfer and all around kiting-guru!

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