Stoked To Introduce: Perth Wake Park

Welcome to our little community. Every now and then we’ll be introducing another favourite person from our community to YOU. Meet people we hang out with and love to be around and find that personal trainer/next coffee date venue/blogger that you can learn to love and make part of your friendship circle. (We obviously only associate with amazing people donchu know) So stay tuned……who knows who’ll you meet next.


So there’s no wind? Waves aren’t doing it for you? And don’t have a boat lying around? Grab your mates and get down to the amazing wake park in Rockingham if you haven’t already been all over it. Great little kickers, sliders and toys to play on and keep up the fitness in the kiting/surfing off-season or when you need a change of pace. The crew there are helpful, so friendly and have excellent lake-side banter. You’ll end up making new friends, trying new tricks and having a wonderful outing all in all.

Get amongst it!

Facebook: /PerthWakePark



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