All About Those Shoulders!

Whether a surfer, wakeboarder or kiter, I can guarantee at one point you have all complained about shoulder pain or stiffness. All these sports require a huge involvement from the shoulder and commonly we overdo it. Surfers need high levels of endurance for paddling and push up strength to help pop up onto the board. Wakeboarders and kiters spend hours not only contorting shoulders into positions behind their back but do so with often incredibly high forces loading through the shoulder or pressure pulling the shoulder out of the socket.

The best way to prevent any injury to your shoulders - and hence weeks out of the water rehabilitating it - is to get onto a good routine of mobilising the shoulder and strengthening the shoulder.

Shoulder mobility stretches:

1) Hand behind back stretch. (Reach your hand up between your shoulder blades.)

2) Across body shoulder stretch

3) Overhead Tricep stretch

4) Posterior capsule stretch (great for those handle passes!)

Book in to see one of our physiotherapists today to get a tailored program just for you to get your shoulders strong and take your practice to that next level. Book online now, or call us on (08) 9448 2994!

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