Stoked To Introduce: Hugo Heuman

Welcome to our little community. Every now and then we’ll be introducing another favourite person from our community to YOU. Meet people we hang out with and love to be around and find that personal trainer/next coffee date venue/blogger that you can learn to love and make part of your friendship circle. (We obviously only associate with amazing people donchu know) So stay tuned……who knows who’ll you meet next.

MEET HUGO HEUMAN: website designer (and guy kitesurfing below!!)

This happy swede (the one in the air) is one of my favourite people. Life-liver extraordinaire, I can count on him to jump at the opportunity to do anything. Whether it’s kite-surfing, mountain biking, surf trips, speed-dating, rock-climbing, bbq-ing, slack-lining, socializing, wakeboarding, road-tripping, extreme-move-nighting, website making – he does it all. Or if he hasn’t, he’s game to try it. A computer geek with a passion for extreme sports, he is a phenomenal website designer. If you need someone to do up a website for you, (or teach you how to kitesurf or just need an amazing human in your life) this is the man to call.

Forget ghost busters…who you gonna call?? HUGO HEUMAN


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