5 Benefits of Changing Up Your Workouts

Most of us are creatures of habit, myself included. We often get up at the same time each day, go to work, chat to friends and squeeze in a workout somewhere, all the while eating the same, or similar, meals and watching the same TV shows.

And there is nothing wrong with that. However, if you’re like me the last thing you want is to get bored with your workout. Often it’s hard enough to get the motivation to work out (it’s cold! It’s hot! It’s too early! It’s too late! I’m just not feeling it today!) - so if you keep your workout new and interesting you'll be more motivated to go.

Not sold? I’ve compiled a little list below of some of my favourite benefits that come from changing up your workout.

  1. Keep it interesting Yep. This is the biggest and most obvious reason. If you’re constantly doing something new, it’s more interesting. Isn’t reading a new book more interesting than re-reading something you have already read?

  2. Work new muscles| If you’re constantly changing between workouts, chances are you are using new muscles each time. For example a Zumba class is a whole lot different to a weight training session, or yoga, or pilates, or F45, or running outside….the list goes on! And each targets different muscle groups. So really, you’re just making yourself fitter and more versatile.

  3. Get out of your comfort zone We are creatures of habit because it’s comfortable. When you know your way around a gym, going into a new group fitness class can be daunting. You don’t know the moves, or the instructor, or you can even feel like an idiot. Embrace it, because getting out of your comfort zone is when you….

  4. Learn! You’re never going to learn if you don’t try something new! So you don’t understand yoga? Then do a class! You hate Zumba, but you’ve never tried it? Try it, then decide if you still don’t like it. Trying new things is the best way to learn, so throw yourself in the deep end.

  5. Meet new people This is my favourite part. If you’re changing up your routine and trying something new, you’re opening yourself to a new community, and it’s pretty great! I have made some great friends through group fitness classes and the gym, and I never would have met those people if I just stuck to the treadmill all these years.

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