How Ankle Mobility Can Help Your Surf Performance

Take this test. Sit on your haunches. Are you relaxed? Is your bottom nearly touching your heels? And are your heels flat on the floor? If they are- congratulations! You have great ankle mobility. If not and if you’re a surfer, then this is a key area you have to work on to help your surfing performance.

Popping up from paddling position, the more mobile your ankles are the more likely you are to land comfortably first time and the more power you have to throw behind you as you rip it up.

Tips to improve ankle mobility:

  • Duck walking: sit on your haunches, practice just keeping your heels flat on the floor and when able, try walking on your haunches, keeping heels flat.

  • Box lunges: Step one foot up onto a box and lean forward from the shin, keeping your entire foot flat on the box.

  • Calf drops: Stand on the edge of a step with your toes on the step and the back of your foot hanging off. Slowly drop your heels down until you feel a stretch in your calves.

Do these regularly and watch as you start putting more oomph into your moves and your mates start ogling your surf style.

Are your ankles as mobile as they could be? Book an appointment online now to get them in tip-top shape!

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