Blissed Out (on these bliss balls)

If you’re like me and a sucker for dates, chocolate, and all things delicious then look no further than these divine bliss balls. They are super quick and easy, and taste naughty (even though they’re full of goodies!)

I will admit that in the kitchen I’m more of a ‘let’s chuck it in and see what we get’ kind of person, so the quantities are only rough - go with the texture and if you need to add more or less of something, go ahead! This made a large batch of 36 decent sized bliss balls :)

Also feel free to substitute the goji berries for other nuts or seeds or even chocolate chips :)

Like most of my baking, this was made in my thermomix, however any high powered food processor will work fine!

Ingredients approx. 175g almonds (or equivalent almond meal) 20 x pitted dates 2 x tbsp cacao powder 1 x tbsp chia seeds ½ tsp vanilla extract ¼ cup goji berries 1 x tbsp coconut oil desiccated coconut (to roll balls in)

Method 1. Process almonds in food processor (or thermomix - 20 seconds speed 9) to create meal (if using almond meal, skip this step and just put it straight in with step 2) 2. Add the other ingredients (dates, cacao, chia, vanilla, goji berries & coconut oil) and process together until all mixed. 3. Remove and roll into balls, then roll in desiccated coconut to cover. 4. Place balls on baking paper lined plate/tray and put in freezer. 5. They will be ready in as little as an hour - depending on how hard you like them! 6. Store in freezer for long term (up to 3 months) or fridge if eating them that day. 7. Enjoy!

If you make these or a variation let us know how you go and #spreadthestoke on Instagram and Facebook!

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