Are you someone who doesn't have the time to get to a physio appointment in person? Or perhaps you're a client already and are away - and run into a problem? 

That's where our online service comes in! Book an appointment below with one of our physio's, and see them from the comfort of your home, office or vacation destination.

A few common questions that we'd like you to read through before booking.

How can you treat me if I'm not in front of you?

Surprisingly, quite easily! We'll take you through assessments and see what's going on and advise on exercises and actions you can take to feel better. When you book, you will also be emailed a registration form - please fill this out as comprehensively as possible so that your practitioner can be aware of what's going on.

Is it appropriate for all clients?

No. In short, it is not appropriate if you:

  1. Have any pre-existing health issues which may impact your injury or progress

  2. If you have never seen a physio before

  3. Expect hands on treatment (the technology isn't that great...yet)

  4. Have an unstable or unreliable internet connection, and/or a phone or computer without a working camera

Is it claimable under private healthcare?

That will be at your private health providers discretion, but generally, no. However we do like to remind clients that while you may not get a rebate, you will be richer in terms of time, convenience and results.

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