An Introduction from our Physiotherapy Director, Cara-Lee Goullee

If you’ve been in to a see a physio recently you would have (hopefully) noticed that more and more treatment these days is aimed at education, rehabilitation, self-management, correcting weakness and getting your body moving rather than passive, hands on treatments.


You hopefully have only had minimal hands on treatment and have always had these sessions supplemented with some form of exercise or homework that you’ve had to take away and work on.

As we continue to learn more about our bodies we are realising just how good they are at healing themselves. Our downfall is that we’re really bad at stepping back and just allowing them to do just that without getting in the way.


This is where Online Physio is starting to become more and more applicable.  Whilst I do feel that hands on treatment can help immensely, it’s everything else around the manual therapy that usually does the trick in fixing the underlying issue in the end (most often these do need to work in conjunction, but not always).


So, when should you opt for online vs face-face physio?


I personally would always opt for face to face physio if I were able to as:

  1. I feel it is much easier to connect with your health professional this way

  2. You can get both hands on and your rehab in one go if this is what is needed

  3. It’s always so much easier as a health professional to explain, demonstrate and educate someone who is sitting right in front of them.


HOWEVER, if any of the following apply to you, Online Physio is the way to go...

  1. You're not able to find time to come in to see someone

  2. If you are travelling and injured yourself and you aren't sure whether to continue doing a certain activity or what to do to relieve it

  3. If you already had an idea that it’s an imbalance/weakness issue and pretty sure you didn’t need any hands on treatment

  4. If you think that online physio is right for you

A few common questions that we'd like you to read through before booking.

How can you treat me if I'm not in front of you?

Surprisingly, quite easily! We'll take you through assessments and see what's going on and advise on exercises and actions you can take to feel better. When you book, you will also be emailed a registration form - please fill this out as comprehensively as possible so that your practitioner is aware of what's going on.

Is it appropriate for all clients?

No. In short, it is not appropriate if you:

  1. Expect hands on treatment (the technology isn't that great...yet)

  2. Have an unstable or unreliable internet connection, and/or a phone or computer without a working camera

*Your physiotherapist will be upfront at any point in the session if they think online treatment isn't appropriate for your presentation

What will I need?

  1. A reliable internet connection

  2. A device with video and audio - Laptop/computer is ideal, smartphone will work (whatever you open the link you're sent on, is where the call will take place)

  3. No software downloaded - you don't need a video chat account - just your device.

What's involved in the session?


The sessions are all 30 minutes long, and that includes time for the physiotherapist to do up home exercise programs for you. Because of this, your actual time on the call will be 15-20 minutes, then you will receive a summary after. We do this because the amount of administration work that is required by the physiotherapist after the session is surprisingly a lot, and it gives you the best service, and access to your home exercise program right away.

So, how much is it and how do you pay?

Sessions are 30 min only, and are the standard price of $95 for an initial consultation (new clients) and $88/session for a follow up

At this stage, payment will be made over the phone following your session. We will be integrating a payment system within the booking system shortly.

Is it claimable under private healthcare?

That will be at your private health providers discretion, but generally yes. You will be given an invoice with the standard codes, which they should cover, as it is a standard, private, physio consult (just delivered differently)